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We have years of experience answering questions and alleviating concerns of parents about the basics of child support in California. Our child support lawyers frequently provide information to families about the California child support system, which uses an income shares model to calculate a total child support obligation. In an income shares model, courts use both parents’ incomes to determine a total child support obligation based on existing support guidelines. The court then determines each parent’s percentage of the obligation based on his or her income.

The income shares model for child support focuses on the support obligations that both parents have to their child, while taking into account differences in income. We also know that family situations can vary, and we will work to ensure that the court takes into account any existing financial or child custody issues that may impact the needed amount of support. Under California law, both parents have an obligation to support their children. As our lawyers can explain in more detail, the child support obligation can extend until a child is 19 years old if that child is still a full-time high school student.

Responsibility for Childcare Expenses

We often work with parents who have questions about childcare expenses, and how California courts calculate child care expenses in relation to child support. In general, we can tell you that childcare expenses are typically the responsibility of both parents on a relatively equal scale, and that childcare expenses are considered in addition to child support. Medical expenses that are not covered by insurance will typically be divided equally between the parents. If you still have questions, reach out to our skilled family law attorneys right away.

Enforcing Child Support

We know how difficult it can be to co-parent and raise a child with your ex-partner under typical circumstances. When a parent fails to meet his or her child support obligation, parenting can become incredibly fraught. We are here to assist you, and we know how essential child support can be for the successful functioning of a family. Whether you need assistance enforcing a child support order, or need help modifying an existing child support order, one of our experience Pasadena child support attorneys can assist you through the process.

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