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Custody, Visitation and Support

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Custody, Visitation and Support

Physical Custody and Co-Parenting

While co-parenting requires significant flexibility and sacrifice, we know how important it is for both parents to play a major role in the physical upbringing of their children and in the day-to-day lives of their kids. When it is possible, California law encourages parents to share joint physical custody, but for many parents, this kind of arrangement is not practicable. We can discuss your options for physical custody and child visitation support, and we can help you to reach an agreement with your ex-partner about a custody situation that works for everybody.

We routinely work with parents to develop a shared physical custody arrangement that works for both parents and the children. Our experienced Pasadena family lawyers can discuss a variety of options with you for reaching an agreement, including mediation and, if necessary, litigation. We know that mediation can be beneficial to everyone involved when it comes to a contentious and emotionally charged issue like child custody. Regardless of how you move forward with your case, we can advise you on legal issues pertaining to child custody and the various factors a court may consider when determining what is in the child’s best interests.

Visitation and Parenting Plans

Our Pasadena child custody lawyers know how complicated it can be to develop a custody and visitation schedule around busy work schedules and school calendars. We can work with you to incorporate a visitation schedule into your parenting plan or your divorce agreement. We want to emphasize that parents cannot decide to deny visitation based on issues like child support nonpayment or other financial concerns. When it is necessary, California law does permit supervised visitation in family situations involving violence or substance abuse.

Modifying Child Custody Orders

At Kearney Baker, we know that a family situation can change for a variety of reasons. When you lose your job or you need to consider a relocation, we can discuss your options for modifying an existing child custody order. We can work with you to determine whether there has been a significant change in circumstances, which is usually necessary to modify an existing visitation or custody order. Our attorneys can discuss situations that may qualify as a significant change in circumstances, and we can help parents navigate the modification process.


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