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Working to Achieve a Satisfactory Resolution

Divorce is a dissolution of the marital relationship where the parties divide their property or assets as well as their debts that accumulated during the marriage. If there are minor children of the marriage, both parties have certain continuing obligations to them regarding their care and support. At times, spousal maintenance is paid under certain circumstances.

If the divorce is amicable, then the parties can usually make these decisions with some legal assistance to ensure marital property is properly divided, visitation regarding the children is clarified and support and other matters determined and agreed upon.

It is not unusual for couples who are dissolving their marriage to disagree on certain issues. And at times, the dispute can become acrimonious with allegations regarding failure to disclose assets, domestic abuse, abandonment, drug use or conduct that would endanger the health and safety of you, the other party or of your children.

Our Goal

The goal of the attorneys at the Kearney Baker Law Office is to work with you and your spouse’s attorney to gain a satisfactory resolution regarding disputed issues. We can facilitate mediation to search for compromise and negotiate on your behalf so that your interest and concerns are handled reasonably. If necessary, we will litigate vigorously if the parties are entrenched in their positions.

Divorce Issues that We Handle

Our office handles many different kinds of issues that arise during the divorce and afterwards. The following are issues that our attorneys have routinely handled in over 70 years of practice:

Custody issues are often a hotly contested area. If litigated they are resolved by the court using the “best interests” of the child standard. Our divorce lawyers can explain the factors the court examines to see which party will likely be the primary custodian while ensuring that the other party has equal legal custody and full visitation rights. We can help draft a parenting plan that both parties can accept as well as the court. Mediation is routinely used in many of our cases to help the parties find a resolution in custody and division of asset disputes.

If spousal maintenance or alimony is an issue, a Kearney Baker attorney can help you determine how long the support may last and how to calculate it. There are certain factors and circumstances that the court examines such as length of the marriage or partnership, marketable skills of the party receiving the support, earning capacity of that party, the contribution a spouse made to the other so he or she could receive a degree or the training to become suitably employed and the time and expense needed for the recipient spouse to acquire marketable skills or employment.

Should you be the victim of domestic abuse or wrongfully accused, we will carefully examine the evidence and counsel you regarding your options. We can also advise you regarding property division matters, tax consequences and modification orders.

Finding Reasonable Solutions

We can also discuss alternative dispute options with you that can minimize your legal fees and offer you a non-adversarial process where reasoned discussion with the assistance of child care and financial professionals, psychologists and mediators can formulate an acceptable settlement agreement.

Divorce does not have to contentious or even costly. Trust your divorce case and post-divorce matters to the highly experienced divorce lawyers from the Kearney Baker Law Office where thousands of satisfied clients over the years have found satisfaction and resolution as well as life after divorce.

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