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Business Valuation

Pasadena Business Valuation Attorney

Asset and property division is one of the most difficult issues in a divorce or legal separation. This is especially true if one or both parties own a business or have significant shares in a business.

The most important thing to consider is the true value of the business. Only after the business valuation is complete can a family law court or couple make an equitable property division plan.

California Family Law Attorneys Helping With Business Valuation In A Divorce

At Kearney | Baker, we help clients in Pasadena, California, and throughout the area, understand the legal details of business valuation and asset protection. We assist them in making decisions that will benefit them now and in the future. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Optimal Timing Of A Pasadena Business Valuation · Lawyers Offer Counsel Based On Experience

The timing of a business valuation is extremely important and depends on a variety of factors. For example, if you are the business owner and your business is going down in value, you want it valued on the date of trial. If it is going up in value, you want it valued on the date of separation. The reverse is true if you do not own the business.

In another example, if it is a personal service business, the best option may be to value it as of the date of separation. If it is another type of business, valuing it as of the date of trial may be better.

Note: These hypothetical examples are intended to serve as illustrations only. Unique characteristics of your business valuation needs will come to light when you discuss your case with a divorce lawyer who understands complex asset division.

Serving Area Communities Such As San Gabriel · High-Asset Divorce · Lawyers At Kearney | Baker Collaborate With Forensic Accountants As Needed

Choosing when to value a business is not always a clear-cut decision. When dealing with asset protection issues, we select a forensic accountant and work with him or her to thoroughly analyze the situation. Our ultimate goal is to value it on the date that most benefits your asset division interests.

Get The Advice You Need Today About Property Division, Business Interests And Your California Divorce

To learn more about protecting your business during a divorce, contact the lawyers of Kearney | Baker. We have handled several business valuation issues for family business owners and their spouses. We can help you too.

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