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Why You Need a Child Custody Attorney

Determining child custody in a California divorce case is never easy, even if the parents get along well and are attempting an amicable divorce. Differences in opinion always arise when it comes to deciding who the custodial parent should be, who should have visitation rights, and whether there should be sole or joint legal custody of a child. If children are involved in your divorce case, you should strongly consider getting legal help for child custody. At the law office of Kearney Baker in Pasadena, an experienced child custody attorney will zealously advocate for you and your child in your divorce case. We know how important this process is for you, and we will help ensure your rights to child custody are protected.

Child Custody is an Emotional Issue

The issue of child custody is often an emotional one for all parties involved. Parents love their children and want to be with them as much as possible. Even when a divorce is amicable, children can still feel caught in the middle when it comes to custody and visitation decisions. If the divorce is contentious, the stress can become overwhelming for all involved. Getting legal help for child custody is a good idea because your child custody attorney can objectively put together the most persuasive and logical case for why you deserve custody of your child, while also ensuring that your child’s best interests are preserved.

A Unique Plan for Your Family

An experienced child custody lawyer will be able to craft a custody and visitation plan that is unique to your family’s needs. If the court is required to set a custody and visitation schedule, they typically utilize a boilerplate plan that addresses none of the particular issues that may affect your family. By hiring a child custody attorney, you will ensure a plan that works for you, your spouse, and your children that takes into account special holidays, travel schedules, extracurriculars, childcare needs, and any other circumstances that are special to your family.

Zealous Representation When You Need it Most

Finally, hiring a child custody attorney is most important when a custody decision cannot be reached between parents and the issue is forced to go to court. This is where you need a zealous advocate to argue your case to the court for why you deserve custody of your child. Your lawyer has your and your child’s best interests at heart and will present the best possible arguments as to why you deserve to spend as much time as possible with your child after your divorce.

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